Come heighten your awareness with Nathan practicing and exploring the beautiful subtleties within the art of transition.

Using Yogic Asana as the foundation we will play with some of the finer energetic subtleties of moving your body with intention, grace, and power.  Using the principles of Prana and also of Chi (Qi) we will learn to pay attention to our movements from both the subtle tiny transitions to the larger macro movements of the body.  We will also delve into the neurological implications of the choices we make from the microcosm to the macrocosm including the way you move all the way to the nutrients you put into your body and how these choices affect our health and well being physically and emotionally.  

Learn to pay attention and transition artfully through life.


All workshops can be scheduled between 2-3 hours.  Workshops can be altered for a weekend or weeklong immersion.  Nathan is also available for corporate events and lectures around nutrition and fitness.

For scheduling please visit the contact page.


Join Nathan in an exploration of your kinesthetic sense without the use of your eyes.

We practice 1 hour of preset still Yoga Postures in complete darkness to prepare the mind and body transitioning to guided pranayama (breath) and meditation.  This workshop is designed to tap into our primal sense and awareness that modern living has diluted in us.  By cutting off the sense of sight we awaken our other senses greatly only to return inward and withdraw from them to a state of pratyahara.

Note: This workshop requires a space that can be made completely dark.


Join Nathan in an afternoon or weekend of practice and play learning the principles and foundations of the Budokon system. 

We will explore in depth the Budokon original techniques, including the Rolling Wave series, Dancing Dog,  Animal Kinesiology, and Zazen meditation.  Within this work we will explore the energetic similarities and differences of yoga and the martial arts. 

In addition we will learn some of the fundamentals of how your brain works and delve into some of the relationships of how our thoughts effect, our emotions, relationships, and physical and external environment.  Learn tools how to alleviate negative patterns in order to have less internal and external conflict in your life.

This is a fun and energetic workshop that will help you take your physical yoga and over all movement practice to the next level.